peachtree road storybook

Write down for the coming generation what the Lord has done, so that people not yet born will praise him. – Psalms 102:18

Our Stories

For the next three months, the Storybook will highlight the history of areas in which members serve their church. Organized as guilds, these groups work together to care for their worship space as well as serve their fellow church members.

February – Usher Service, Acolyte Guild, Sanctuary Guild, Funeral Guild
March – Altar Guild, Needlepoint Guild
April – Flower Guild

The PRUMC Preschool Archive Photo

Sharing The History of The Preschool

The Methodist Church has a long tradition of supporting and fostering quality education. When the families of our young church were looking for a kindergarten program, they entertained the idea of starting their own school. In 1952, Dr. Charles Cooper, Hazel Wade, and Harold Hill, Sr. proposed the possibility of offering a weekday school for 4 and 5 year olds.

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Pastoral Counseling Center Garden 2024

The Pastoral Counseling Service

Early in 1973, Senior Minister Dr. Thomas Whiting offered Dr. Quintin Hand, a professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Candler School of Theology, a sabbatical assignment to explore the feasibility of a counseling center housed within this church, and available to both members and the community at large.

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The Flower Guild

The Flower Guild has been a great source of camaraderie and lasting friendships. One does not need experience to participate. We regard All Saints’ Day 2001 as the date of the founding of the Flower Guild and are grateful to the congregation and to the staff for their continued support. We look forward to 2025, celebrating our church’s Centennial and our 24 years of service.

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Sanctuary Bench of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church Atlanta.

The Needlework Guild

From 2002 until today, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church is adorned with liturgical expressions of beauty through the faithful and tireless efforts of so many – designers, painters, upholsterers, and of course the many hands that have stitched….and stitched…..and stitched. We give thanks for these and those not mentioned who gave all to the glory of God.

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Altar Guild Cleaning

The Mary Stewart Altar Guild

Preparing a sanctuary for worship services does not just happen by itself. Think about the many tasks that have been done early on Sunday morning to prepare for a time of worship. From a small, faithful group to a vibrant group of more than 60 women in 2022, the organization is vital for the services of the church.

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Sanctuary PRUMC

The Sanctuary Guild

The Sanctuary Guild is a group of dedicated church attendees who are responsible for ensuring our Sanctuary and Chapel are in pristine condition for worship services on Sunday mornings. As the church has grown, the duties have grown. From three people in 1986 to 36 volunteers in 2023, this faithful group of volunteers work throughout the week in the quiet beauty of sacred spaces to prepare for Sunday Worship.

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The Betty Lee Kennedy Acolyte Guild

When the acolyte program started in the first sanctuary (now Moore Chapel), it was a small team of youth volunteers. This program was under the leadership of Dottie Smith and Betty Lee Kennedy. The acolytes assisted with communion, offerings, baptisms, and extinguishing the candles at the conclusion of the service.

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Zell Miller Funeral

The Funeral Guild

Being a volunteer host or hostess at a funeral service is a gift not only to a grieving family, but also to friends and non-church members who are first-time visitors. As visitors, Funeral Guild members can offer guidance and direction for the service.

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Ushers PRUMC

The Legacy of Ushering at Peachtree Road

Every Sunday, and at every service, Peachtree Road is blessed to have ushers who welcome, direct, and offer bulletins to those entering the Sanctuary or Moore Chapel to worship. Not only do these volunteers greet, but they collect the offerings and assist with communion.

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Peachtree Road United Methodist Church History 1953-1978: Choir

Music at Peachtree Road UMC

Anyone who has been to a Peachtree Road service knows that music is at the heart of the worship experience. We are blessed with three organs, a gifted choir, frequent visits from the Atlanta Brassworks, and the joyful voices of young children filling our sanctuary with the Spirit of the Lord. Do you ever wonder how this came to be?

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Fred and Carolyn Broce on their wedding day and years later at Peachtree Road UMC in Atlanta, GA.

City Girl Meets Small-Town Boy

On a Sunday evening in May of 1968, Fred drove to the Single Young Adults 8:07 LTD at Peachtree Road. Fred had attended before and enjoyed this special fellowship with other young people. This evening was extra special because it was here that he met Carolyn Young, who was attending for the first time.

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Chrismon ornament from Peachtree Road UMC.

Childhood Chrismon Memories

Chrismon is a Latin word meaning Christ’s monogram. It was used by early Christians to share their faith.  The Chrismons were to be made of gold and white materials – gold for God’s glory and white for God being the Light of the World.

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